Rajeshta is a designer at STACKLAB. 

Born in Ubonratchathani, Thailand, Rajeshta developed a passion for intricate details working alongside his grandmother, a skilled textile weaver. He moved from Thailand, to England, Germany, New Mexico, and finally landed in Toronto in 2009. 

A demolition specialist, turned engineer technician, turned designer; Rajeshta always finds creative opportunity in whatever role he takes on. Upon graduating with distinction from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Interior Design, as well as being awarded the Chair’s Citation for Creativity, Rajeshta was honoured to join the STACKLAB team in 2018. 

He is excited to work for a multidisciplinary firm, STACKLAB combines Rajeshta’s passion for architecture, art and design. He believes that quick sketches are the way to explore and solve problems. Sketches shape themselves into cohesive, smart, design – just give him a piece of paper. 

When he’s not sketching or eating his way through Toronto, find Rajeshta behind a lens, taking photos for his popular Instagram account @tonoariki.